Types of Bottled Water Explained

I always end up buying different bottles of water everywhere I go and wanted to see reviews, or ratings on the best water. Also where it comes from and it’s exact definition, so below and under read more you will see some definitions of certain water. I was going to do reviews but most of all the data I researched was all biased and non were consistent. However Fiji, Voss, Mountain Spring came in first a lot.

If you’re going to pay for a product you could get for free, it helps to know what you’re buying, so below you’ll find a water glossary. Along with the information that follows, note that you may see “glacier water” and “mountain water” on bottles, but there’s no standard definition for those terms.

Whatever the bottle says, don’t be misled by crisp blue labels and pictures of mountains. Forty-seven percent of the bottled water sold in the U.S. is tap water that’s been purified, according to data from the Beverage Marketing Association, a trade group.


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