BBQ, Hobbit Holes, Gardens, and a Dungeon!

My day 3 & 4 adventures scouring Charleston, South Carolina

2015-11-10 15.03.33 (Medium)

     So after day 1 getting here, day 2 exploring King St, day 3 & 4 has lead me out to venture a little more and start using my camera as well as YELP app to explore more touristy things. My first day jumping into a coffee shop to grab some coffee to coming out noticing someone hit my tailight on my rental. The one thing that’s scary about Charleston is the narrow streets and mostly parallel parking everywhere, luckily had insurance so who cares right?!!

After a visit to Pepboys and GMC to just see if it’s cheaper to fix it myself was a let down, they wanted $600 for a taillight how bullshit is that. Well nextstop was lunch and I passed a spot called Swig & Swine I saw on Yelp as top rated so I had to pay it a visit.


Swig & Swine, some damn good BBQ.

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