MN Week Day 3: Breakfast at Birchwood Cafe, Minneapolis, MN


Tasty Gluten Free Review
Location: Minneapolis, MN 55406

So wanted to find a new restaurant to try on Vaca in Minnesota and used YELP and the Birchwood Cafe by typing in gluten-free sort by highest rated for brunch. Wanted to also get drunch (haha).

So I’ll with hold my political views since this restaurant is HIGHLY political in every possible way (coming from Texas it’s a culture shock) however, if you have good food I don’t care what you do.

Oh My Gahh, a sweet potato, rice flour, kale, bacon, fried egg waffle, see full ingredients below

From the entrance to the last bite this place is truly a 5 star restaurant and deserves every award in the book, it needs to be on TV, national attention, and all employees brought to light this is a hidden gem. You get your menu at the front, figure out what you want and order with the lovely lady up front. All items are noted with the GF status if they are gluten free. They had the largest selection of unique gluten free items I’ve seen in awhile, now I opted for a bunch of food since I have to try everything that is unique. Started with a Gluten Free Pyro American Pale Ale brew which is tasty! (I then got the “booch” which was SO darn good).

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WDW Day 2: EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival

stand clear of the doors

I made a gif out of the monorail pics I took.

Day 2 Blog Entry:

Today is the day my fatself is super happy because we are headed to the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival! If you don’t know what it is, it’s basically a bunch of different countries that you walk to instead of fly and try food from their culture, it’s amazeballs. They also have gluten free items at most of the countries so you glutenators can join in the fun. This will be a large blog post, if you missed Day 1 go back one blog post! Enjoy yourself.

Here we go!

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Wheat Free (Contains Gluten) these companies piss me off

Hey NewMan’s Own, fuck you. This is the type of shit I hate, I had these in my basket for awhile thinking epic gluten free oreos then I read you contain gluten? What scam are you trying to pull with consumers? Look I get some people are “grain-free” but were not felines here this is bullshit and why the fuck would you make a wheat free oreo that contains gluten. Quit your shit already, you probably don’t donate shit to charity.


Wheat Free (Contains Gluten) yayaya make your money Newman

Gambling in New Orleans and dinner at Doris Metropolitan


GF Beer!

So after leaving Birmingham, Alabama we had a quick layover in Tampa that lead to a delicious grub sesh including gluten-free omission lager (hell ya!) and then we hopped aboard a jet to New Orleans where we stayed at Harrah’s Casino. First let’s start with my review of Cigar City Brewing.

Any brewer, or bar that serves gluten-free beer besides nasty cider deserves 5 stars. I had no clue I would pull up to a brewing company and they would have beers other than there own. Bartender is a pro, served me some fresh Omission gluten free pale ale in a cold mug and offered me a half price shot and took me some jager.


2016-01-12 12.53.04 (Large)

Cigar City Brewing Chicken

The Wi-FI is good reception, tables are abundant and the bar is fresh. Ordered some chicken and rice dish with black beans (gluten free) which was tasty and sufficed for the trip to New Orleans, I’d stop here anytime just because of the gluten-free beer, they should however start making their own version!

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Crystal Palace and a Magical Kingdom Day

Who doesn’t love the Crystal Palace? I mean.. meeting Poo, Tigger? and grubbing down on of the best buffet in the world at the Magic Kingdom, check out my photos of this magical day. Some adventures surely entailed this day and I was stoked to hit up the new Fantasyland since I haven’t been before.


First let’s enter the Magic Kingdom through these magical gates.


that famous walk way after you park!


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Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, with some Diagon Alley

So lets take a trip to Orlando and hit up Disney World, Universal Studios, a wedding at the Dolphin, and various other fun places. I’ll be updating this post with my adventures to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, so check back for this update because I took some badass photos and who doesn’t love Harry Potter or Hermione for that matter. So prepare for a lot of photos! First let’s see some epic shots of flying and how we pre-game that Disney trip.


Southwest via Clouds via Vodka via Orlando Airport

The Grand Caribe Resort

Since we were rolling with a family of 15 this time around it was a lot more feasble to stay off property and the grand caribe had all the offerings of two bedroom family suites to fit our needs. The hotel itself is large, awesome, and had great amenties and awesome suites that fulfilled our needs. All within a mile from Disney property it worked out perfectly even though we were not in our room ever unless to sleep!


Walking into the lobby it smelt like Christmas!

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BBQ, Hobbit Holes, Gardens, and a Dungeon!

My day 3 & 4 adventures scouring Charleston, South Carolina

2015-11-10 15.03.33 (Medium)

     So after day 1 getting here, day 2 exploring King St, day 3 & 4 has lead me out to venture a little more and start using my camera as well as YELP app to explore more touristy things. My first day jumping into a coffee shop to grab some coffee to coming out noticing someone hit my tailight on my rental. The one thing that’s scary about Charleston is the narrow streets and mostly parallel parking everywhere, luckily had insurance so who cares right?!!

After a visit to Pepboys and GMC to just see if it’s cheaper to fix it myself was a let down, they wanted $600 for a taillight how bullshit is that. Well nextstop was lunch and I passed a spot called Swig & Swine I saw on Yelp as top rated so I had to pay it a visit.


Swig & Swine, some damn good BBQ.

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