Creperie le Paris (Houston)

Creperie le Paris once again


Montrose Something (Houston)

Some spot in Houston

Cool hipster joint with some vintage flair.

Uchi <3 (Houston)

Uchi, Houston, Texas

Uchi uchi cuhci uchic booxhi guccu this is some good food.

Ruggles Black (Houston)

Ruggles Black, Houston, Texas

Saltgrass (College Station)

Saltgrass, College Station, Texas

New steakhouse in CS, great service, great food. Only downside was waiter served us an appetizer with a huge black hair in it, and quickly sent it back. Other than hygiene issues was a fulfilling meal.

HUGE Gluten-Free menu

Steakhouse (Galveston)

Steakhouse, Galveston, Tx

Village (College Station)

The Village, Texas

Decent food and gf bread

Red Lobster (College Station)

Red Lobster
Eh ok

Baba Yega 2 (Houston)

Baba Yega, Houston, Tx againnnn

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