Las Vegas First Class for Defcon, Blackhat, and Party.

So my friends & I decided to go hit up Defcon, and check out Blackhat this year in Las Vegas and also hang out since one moved across the country. This was a totally slow time in Vegas and perfect weather. A lot of new restaurants, bars, things to check out since the last time I was in Vegas so come chill along in this 2 part blog post of our adventures.


Some real shitty Airport “smart bar” with crappy food.

Anyways read more to check out the start of our adventures in Las Vegas and catch a first class flight. =)

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Gambling in New Orleans and dinner at Doris Metropolitan


GF Beer!

So after leaving Birmingham, Alabama we had a quick layover in Tampa that lead to a delicious grub sesh including gluten-free omission lager (hell ya!) and then we hopped aboard a jet to New Orleans where we stayed at Harrah’s Casino. First let’s start with my review of Cigar City Brewing.

Any brewer, or bar that serves gluten-free beer besides nasty cider deserves 5 stars. I had no clue I would pull up to a brewing company and they would have beers other than there own. Bartender is a pro, served me some fresh Omission gluten free pale ale in a cold mug and offered me a half price shot and took me some jager.


2016-01-12 12.53.04 (Large)

Cigar City Brewing Chicken

The Wi-FI is good reception, tables are abundant and the bar is fresh. Ordered some chicken and rice dish with black beans (gluten free) which was tasty and sufficed for the trip to New Orleans, I’d stop here anytime just because of the gluten-free beer, they should however start making their own version!

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