Calgary, Alberta, Canada Zoo! a Winter Wonderland Adventure

So hitting up Calgary and Banff these next couple days and the first stop is of course the Calgary Zoo! This place was epic, total winter wonderland and every animal was out! Check out the quick 2 minute video I made on the experience instead of some photos. I’d recommend going to the Calgary Zoo during a winter wonderland event for sure, 0 people and it’s beautiful. Also they have gluten free bread, gluten free desserts, and a variety of other gluten free menu items. We flew United 737 from Houston, Texas.

Used my Sony A7III 4K. Tomorrow heading to Banff, that should be super super dope.

Quick trip to Round Rock, Texas and some Texas BBQ

Had to come up to Round Rock for a graduation and explored a few of the local dining options and had some great luck. Didn’t have any clue that Round Rock had it’s own little food scene, It’s about an hour drive north of Austin, a pleasant one at that. But first had an epic toy and candle find on my trip in Vegas that I packed and totally forgot about until now, check it below.


New addition to the center speaker, got a dope croc and Wynn candle back in Vegas!

Ok click read more to check out my first stop Jack Allen’s Kitchen!

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Let’s explore Cleveland, the Zoo, Rock and Roll, and more

Stop 4: Cleveland, Ohio

Next journey has arrived us in Cleveland Ohio with a visit to the Zoo, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Intercontinental Hotel, and a trip to the best Toy store I’ve ever seen.


Touchdown in Cleveland

Cleveland, Ohio has a lot to offer for a week visit and there are lots of things to do and explore. Especially the vegan/gluten free scene. I’ll be updating this week with my latest journey’s to Dallas, Disney World, and then next week I’m flying out to California! So check out this post about all my adventures and findings in Cleveland, Ohio which was cold but a real shitty town. Lot’s of Ghetto-Ness.

First night we got to our pretty cool hotel the Intercontinental which was a huge 2 bedroom hotel with a super comfortable bed and then we Yelp’d a local restaurant real close that had a gluten-free menu. “Table 45” which is at another Intercontinental hotel, so we took a free shuttle on over to see what Cleveland food had to offer. But first check out my bed and see where I got some hard sleep and amazing ZzZzz.



Intercontinental Hotel Suites Bed, ZzzZZzzZ

Okay WAKE UP, let’s go have dinner at Table 45, but first hit Read More.

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Pauls Kitchen (Houston)


Pull up and ask valet where is self park, he tells me there is no self park. I drive past him and park myself and just get out, he comes over and goes “back up park more over” so I did and was like sheesh he’s mad he won’t get a tip now.

Walked in to friendly professional staff besides the valet guy and was seated right away. Beautiful restaurant, nicely decorated and an open huge organic feel to it. Ask for a gluten-free menu and cocktail list, the menu to my eyes already has GF dishes marked! yay! You get free biscuits at the beginning with butter which I hear are tasty. Started off with a couple cocktails which were overpriced and tasted like I could mix up a better drink, but they did have cool names!!

Had to get the brussel appetizers since Uchi has made me love them… now these… nothing like that they were tad overcooked and real hard with no real flavor. Also got some carrot and lettuce appetizer that seems to be for a rabbit, was poorly put together carrots and mix greens lettuce… eh.. no thanks. The taste was only bearable with the chimi churri tasting sauce at the bottom.

I got the skirt steak with veg and It was like $26 and to be quite honest I could have made a $5 steak taste better. I am SO glad I did not go with the $50 steak because their chef on duty at the time, or prep for it was a big let down for me. The vegetables were undercooked and tasted raw with no seasoning, pretty much everything was under seasoned. My lovely date had the crab cake for $20 and was unimpressed with it’s overall taste. The presentation for everything was beautiful minus the carrot appetizer. I was also told the Tater Tots are not gluten-free, like WTF dude, how the heck can you make tater tots not gluten-free????? Decided to go somewhere else for dessert. I love Pauls staff, interior, menu, but the overall price/quality ratio was not their for me, for $140+ dollars I could have had a full blown tasting menu across the street that blows my mind. The restaurant also had only 4 tables at 7:30 at night which made me realize….Good luck Paul.

Leaving to our car the valet obviously upset with us and an empty parking lot at 7:30pm, he parked another car about a foot from mine and I had to go around and jump over to get in my car (See photo).

Pauls, Houston, Texas

This is a fake ass restaurant with a fake ass chef and shit food. Reason for things like Yelp.

Willie Burger (Beaumont)

Willie Burger, Beaumont, TX

Gluten free buns amazing

ChillinScore: 5

Tweason Ale!

New gluten free beer by Dogfish

ChillinScore: 3