Paninis & Company, LR. New sandwich shop.

Panini’s & Company menu board. Same as Juice store before.

Tasty Gluten Free Review
+gluten free bread (not sure by who)
+gluten free snacks by Dempsey Bakery

So I was going to hit up the Juice shop here and when I got here they it said Paninis & Company so I’m assuming they closed down and remodeled as P&C, however they still do offer juices, shots of booch, etc so it’s still a healthy place to grab juice!

chillin wooden foresty type vibe

The service the first time was real slow for one sandwich and I was the only customer, however the second time I went with full kitchen staff was SUPER fast, even for the smoothies. The bread they use (not sure if it’s Dempsey’s) but when you order a Panini it’s got that grill press marks on it and makes it so darn good. I’ve tried the Pesto Sandwich (which I did not like) and the something + something which actually was amazing and so darn good with a bag of regular chips.

tastyness at Paninis & Company

Go check this place out, right next to Container Store area.

Paninis & Company
207 N University Ave
Ste 210A
Little Rock, AR 72205


MN Week Day 3: Breakfast at Birchwood Cafe, Minneapolis, MN


Tasty Gluten Free Review
Location: Minneapolis, MN 55406

So wanted to find a new restaurant to try on Vaca in Minnesota and used YELP and the Birchwood Cafe by typing in gluten-free sort by highest rated for brunch. Wanted to also get drunch (haha).

So I’ll with hold my political views since this restaurant is HIGHLY political in every possible way (coming from Texas it’s a culture shock) however, if you have good food I don’t care what you do.

Oh My Gahh, a sweet potato, rice flour, kale, bacon, fried egg waffle, see full ingredients below

From the entrance to the last bite this place is truly a 5 star restaurant and deserves every award in the book, it needs to be on TV, national attention, and all employees brought to light this is a hidden gem. You get your menu at the front, figure out what you want and order with the lovely lady up front. All items are noted with the GF status if they are gluten free. They had the largest selection of unique gluten free items I’ve seen in awhile, now I opted for a bunch of food since I have to try everything that is unique. Started with a Gluten Free Pyro American Pale Ale brew which is tasty! (I then got the “booch” which was SO darn good).

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Ya Ya’s Euro Bistro Gluten Free


Tasty Drinks

Gluten Free Review of Ya Ya’s
+gluten free pasta
+gluten free pizza crust

Ya Ya’s was an epic spot I found on YELP by doing a gluten free search, this place is located in the Promenade shopping center off Chenal and is an awesome spot to dine. It’s a huge dining room with a separate bar located at the top which has excellent drinks, and cocktails. Check out a few photos below of my grub sesh at Ya Ya’s!

Dining at Ya Ya's

YAYA Inside, Soup, Hummus, Legit Burger

Instead of bread he brought me out carrots/celery with the hummus that was like a pre appetizer which was awesome and unexpected. I ordered the Pasta Carbonara with gluten free pasta which was one of the best pasta’s I’ve ever had in a long time, perfect creamy texture alongside huge chunks of bacon. My lady love her roast beef sandwich and I tried a small piece of beef and it was marinated, tasty, and delicious.

Ya Ya's

Gluten Free Pasta Carbonara, so damn good and tasty.

I’ll be back here soon. Awesome place, check them out online:

Best gluten free bakery in the world, Dempsey Bakery

Finding a place as epic as Dempsey Bakery in Little Rock is like finding a diamond in a coconut, just awesome. An all gluten-free bakery.


Dempsey Bakery, Located in downtown Little Rock, was once a corvette dealership.

Moving here from Texas I was hoping there would be a gluten free restaurant or too but I certainly didn’t expect an entire bakery! First visit was amazing, this is a gluten free/food allergen paradise for someone who’s searching for quality food.

Hit read more to see more photos of this beautiful place.

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Izzy’s, Little Rock, AR Gluten Free Dining


Local Gluten Free Bakery Dempsey Goods

So if your highly allergic to wheat, gluten, or a different kind of food allergy Izzy’s is your place. If you know your limits on what you can and can’t eat this place is amazing. Moving to Little Rock I was scared to think this city wouldn’t have any good gluten free options, however after discovering Izzy’s I was made, this little joint off Cantrell is wonderful and quirky all on it’s own.


Real feast goes down at Izzy’s

Izzy’s is a real locals joint with a real down home southern feel to it, the staff and people at the front are always nice and get you a table real quick. The gluten free menu is large (see photo) has many options for main courses, apps, dessert, beer, and what not. I’ve tried a lot of stuff but can’t wait to go back to try more. I always start with a fresh brewed at your table black tea and then pour it over ice. Yes brewed at your table, epicness. Go check this place out. The BLT and Nuttybird are my favorite dishes at this restaurant.
Only downside is they close early and there closed on Sundays. Thank you Izzy for providing the local community with an option to serve people with dietary restrictions, your amazing.

Izzy’s Website

Day 4 NYC: Meltshop, Guy Fieris, and Lion King’s oh my


Good morning

The next day,

after the blizzard we were hoping more things would be open and moving along and bam NYC gets back up and runs right after it falls, everything was open and normal like a few days before. Minus the fact the streets were covered in melted salt sludge of snow and a variety of other umbrellas and lost gloves. Wanted to find some place epic for brunch before we ended up walking down to Times Square and ended up finding a spot called the Meltshop.



What every sign looked like walking down Times Square…Read on

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Michelin Starred Aureole in NYC Tasting Menu


the famous Michelin Star Logo

I wanted to take my family to a Michelin starred restaurant while on our trip to NYC and decided to look over the 30+ spots to hit up, this one has been around a long time so I wanted to see what there game level was like. I called prior to making reservations and asked if they make accommodations to gluten-free people and she told me they had to ask the chef and call me back, I never received a phone call back and finally called back 3 hours later.

They told me yes they can make accommodations for gluten and I asked if it was leaving items off the entree or actually substitute certain items, they told me they substitute certain features. As a YELP review before said they just left items off, I was very adamant about this.



Welcome to Michelin Starred Aureole!

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Adventure in Sacramento, California and a visit to Pushkins

So on my next journey to the West Coast and then all the way to the East Coast again we start off in Sacramento, California. A pretty cool town that smells like marijuana and hipsters, it rained and was cold the time we were there but was a cool city. We went to a sweet ass spot called Pushkins that was an entire gluten-free bakery and so damn tasty. Our abode was the Westin Sacramento which was comfortable and on a cool lake that had great views, check out my photos.


Looks like wine country… only 1 hour away from Napa Valley!

Beautiful airport, huge bunny, easy check in process, take the tram to your gate and bam your gone. Lot of space, lot of room to study, move around and plenty of restaurants and places to drink.

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Gluten Free at True Food Kitchen (Houston,TX)

Had this on my Yelp bookmarks for awhile and finally got around to trying it. The restaurant is located behind a Whole Foods and next door to PESCA the fish restaurant. The parking is eh, but you can park in the Whole Foods parking garage or valet your ride.


Guac, Buffalo, Pasta, and Cocktails! Oh My!

The menu, service, and food quality is all 5 star. Had a few cocktails which were excellent as well as an omission lager beer in a cold mug. The menu notes everything that is Gluten-Free. You can get gluten free bread with the guacamole and chips which that dip is darn good. For main course had the buffalo with cauliflower puree wowwowowowow that is the best I have ever had, and the beef was so tender and seasoned perfectly.

The restaurant decor and bathrooms give off a real organic, earthy feel and fit perfectly with the dining experience. The first bathroom I’ve experienced that men and women both wash their hands together in a perfect world.

To-go we ordered a couple pizzas to go gluten free and let me tell you some of the best gluten free pizza I’ve ever had. I can’t wait back to get into True Food Kitchen this place is good.


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