<3 You Whole Foods (Houston)

Love you Whole Foods.

Peanut butter machine whaaaaaaaat!?! Like you could literally pour your own peanut butter, honey butter, nutella, how cool is that.  Those Suji juices are so good and it’s like drinking a beer soon as you sip it you can feel it hit your blood stream, those fresh vitamins, BAM.

Snapkitchen (Houston)

Love Snap Kitchen and their brownies and watermelon $8 juice.

Baba Yega Frequent Flyer

Baba Yega Appetizers, Houston, Texas

Harvest Organic Grille (Houston)

Organic Harvest Grill, Houston, Texas

Eh awesome idea but crappy execution. Food is decent would travel back in time again.

Suji Juice

New habit at $7.99 a piece hits your bloodstream freshly.

Pappadeauxs (Houston)

Pappadeauxs, Houston, Texas Airport