WDW Trip Day 1: Port Orleans Riverside & Disney Springs

Day 1 Continued: See previous post for flight in & airport grub sesh. Read below for my full report on Disney’s epic resort Port Orleans and a trip to Disney Springs, dinner at Raglan Road, and a few other adventures.


This is where the real magic starts and it all hits you, YEEEEE.



Found our resort sign, time to turn.

I found this resort online and doing my research, especially for people who are gluten-free and allergic to certain things, even though most resorts have all the specifics for allergen people. However, the gluten free beignets are what got me most interested in staying here, even though they are at the Orleans side it was a quick drive. Also before you stay here you must watch the movie “The Princess and the Frog” It’s a Disney movie that this hotel is based on, glad I watched it before we stayed here.

The sign right when your driving in.

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H-town love and stay at the Hotel ZaZa


Welcome to Hotel ZaZa

So recently had a quick weekend vacation in Houston on the way back to Corpus Christi and we stayed at Hotel ZaZa, a quaint boutique hotel with cool views, cool meeting rooms, and mostly great service.

However my first stay at the ZaZa for a medical conference was a let down for a $269/night hotel. First issue was the AC didn’t go below 75 degrees.

I called the maintenance and they worked on it for about an hour and then explained now it’s blowing 55 it’s fixed. Came back to the room that night and hot as can be, sweated all night and was to late to switch rooms after all of our stuff was unloaded and leaving the next day anyway.

(at check-out the lady took off a $50 room service charge for this issue which was awesome and unexpected).


Some beautiful views of Houston at the Hotel ZaZa

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Hyatt Weekend (the Woodlands)

Hit up the Woodlands for a mini vacation and stayed at the Hyatt, now props for being only $119, having free wifi, free parking, and clean rooms that were built within the year. The only thing that sucked is their menu is one of those “we cater to gluten-free” with allergic notations on the menu except the fact they had maybe 2 gluten free options and one of them being a salad. Otherwise Hyatt Hotels have moved up in the gluten-free game. It was also 24/7 service.

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