The Ranch at Laguna Beach

After hitting up Universal Studios we checked out of our hotel in Anaheim and decided to hit up the San Diego Zoo the next day. So then we decided to stay in Laguna Beach which is sort of the half way point between LA and San Diego. I used the hotel tonight APP and found a badass hotel with 2 floors for under $600 a night, which is perfect for the family to crash in.


The Ranch at Laguna Beach

The check-in parking was a nightmare since they had an event going on and party just got over so there was literally no where to park, walk up to so many people. Not a good first impression, maybe have events off to a different side than guest check in.

Some cocktails at laguna ranchPretty damn good fish.Laguna Beach Livin

Checked in at night so had no idea what to expect however we came back for dinner at the hotels restaurant and it was decent. The Surfer OG Laguna Boy was pretty much lazy and pretty bad at service, he could have used a training course in the service department. However the food was decent.

The hotel room itself was nice/spacious freezing cold upon arrival. The beds were comfortable, tvs adequate and the views the next morning were beautiful. If I could get a good deal to stay here again I would. Also the golf kart kids to bring you to and from the restaurant were fun.

Houston Marriot Medical Center Gluten Free

2015-09-14 14.14.22 (Medium)

I’ve stayed here at the Marriot Medical Center for about a week and it’s pretty legit for $127 a night, be sure to ask for a high floor, they have access to the concierge room 23,24, and 25. If you do get a free upgrade you get free breakfast (sometimes). They charged me for breakfast one morning, the hotel is also full of advertisements of what’s coming, what to expect, what the rooms will look like next year, etc, etc and it’s quite annoying because I’m staying here now not next year. Also at 6AM they begin hammering, nailing, loud construction noises and kept me up all morning. However if your in the area and need to stay near downtown Houston check this hotel out, it’s convenient. They also have gluten-free bread! Gluten-Free Approved.

2015-09-27 22.59.24 (Medium)
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Grand Floridian (Disney World)

Grand Floridian Cafe, Hotel, Orlando, Florida

Love this hotel, and the cafe was excellent with gluten-free bread and had the sauerkraut which is nomnomnomnomnomnom.

ChillinScore: 5