the toasted yolk in houston, tx

Tasty Gluten Free Review
+no gluten free bread
+Omelets however are excellent!
+famous hash is gluten free

Had some business in Houston and was heading up to the Woodlands to hit up an antique mall and used Yelp to find the best brunch spot around, was pointed to the Toasted Yolk. This modern day eatery features a full bar, ample seating, huge parking lot, and great staff.


Toasted Yolk in Houston, TX, tasty but no gluten free menu/bread

The food quality was excellent at the yolk, the blueberry iced tea was epic tasting, and the Omelet I had was huge and super filling, the famous hash they have is also gluten free.
If your in the area, check out The Toasted Yolk, awesome spot.

Best Tasting Menu In America? Artisans Houston, TX

Artisans Entrance — Houston, Texas

Gluten Free Review
+gluten free tasting menu
+gluten free accommodations
+no gluten free bread however

So I’ve done around 11 tasting menus all over the country now and most of them are all about being trendy and hip, and trying to use foam and all this crap to get you to enjoy their food. While that’s an awesome experience it’s always leaving quality lacking.


Enter Artisans, a modern downtown Houston restaurant that is by far one of the best restaurants I’ve been to in awhile. The tasting menu is not only eye candy, it’s actually good food and great quality. Not to mention you get to sit at basically the “prep” area chefs table which is quite enjoyable.


Started off with some decent libations and that lobster bisque tho, also beats + feta.

chefs table

Not much “Chefs Table”

The Chef’s table isn’t actually a chefs table since no one is actually cooking anything out there, mostly final touches to dishes at least on the Tuesday night we went. The service was excellent, the price was reasonable, and the food quality was amazing and for them to accommodate gluten free status was beyond there duty and explained each dish perfectly. I’ll post pictures of my dishes instead of explaining each dish.

The only downside? Artisans cocktails were lacking, even though your suppose to enjoy wine pairing, I’d figure a place of this caliber would have a lot more choices of custom craft cocktails to be enjoyed, however it doesn’t change the quality of restaurant Artisans is. If your looking for an enjoyable foodie night out with great food, this is the place.


My dessert was gluten free (top) and brother had a cool candy crack rock (bottom).

If your in Texas, or Houston please check out Artisans, that was amazing.

H-town love and stay at the Hotel ZaZa


Welcome to Hotel ZaZa

So recently had a quick weekend vacation in Houston on the way back to Corpus Christi and we stayed at Hotel ZaZa, a quaint boutique hotel with cool views, cool meeting rooms, and mostly great service.

However my first stay at the ZaZa for a medical conference was a let down for a $269/night hotel. First issue was the AC didn’t go below 75 degrees.

I called the maintenance and they worked on it for about an hour and then explained now it’s blowing 55 it’s fixed. Came back to the room that night and hot as can be, sweated all night and was to late to switch rooms after all of our stuff was unloaded and leaving the next day anyway.

(at check-out the lady took off a $50 room service charge for this issue which was awesome and unexpected).


Some beautiful views of Houston at the Hotel ZaZa

Hit read more to see my full review of Hotel ZaZa, a non gluten free friendly hotel.

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Quick stay at Springhill Suites Marriott in Sugarland, Texas


Next trip down to Texas wanted to buy a new truck, so stayed at this brand new hotel for the night. Don’t you love the fresh smell of brand new hotel.

Stayed here twice when getting a new ride and also before I headed out of town, both times were amazing. This place is brand spankin new, fresh as can be, fresh smells, clean hallways, smooth locks, smooth toilet flush you name it.

Soon as you walk in your greeted with a smile, they even hooked me up with a couple bottles of water. It’s a safe good area as well, if your concerned you can ask for the first floor parking lot and you can literally park your car right in front of your hotel room. The rooms are spacious with large closets, showers, and a desk. WIFI was IFFY at the time but most of the time was excellent, for $100 a night this is better than a 5 star hotel.

Website for Sugarland Hotel:

Weekend trip to Houston and College Station

2016-05-14 21.01.18 (Large)
Had to go back up to College Station for a graduation party, but first had to drop the lady’s dog off at a Vet in Houston who is known for having his TV show on Animal Planet. This was like the most baller Vet I’ve ever seen, each floor was for a different species. It also looked like it was going to rain but we first had to stop and grub at Saltgrass which is always tasty and had some Chuck Wagon Cheese Fries.


Chuck Wagon Cheese Fries (gluten free) NOM.


Also, wouldn’t be a Texas road trip without a stop at Buc-EEs or Pjraseks

Hit Read more to check out some photos of College Station and more.

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Few gluten free foodie stops in Houston, Texas


Late night sesh at Underbelly (beet salad)

On a quick trip to Houston for the weekend I found a few new places that are worth mentioning and posting about. Enjoying True Foods as always for lunch and then we found a badass spot called Phoenicia Foods in downtown Houston that is a foodies dreamland, then had dessert at a place called Bite Macaroons and a stop in between at a vinyl toy store. Oh yeah, also found a super sweet food truck called SMOSH that had amazing ice-cream sandwiches.


This place is top 5 gluten free deliciousness. Go here.

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Gluten Free Experience at CRISP in Houston

Found this place on YELP under Gluten-Free Restaurants within our area, turned out to be some of the best gluten free food yet! Free Valet parking as well! Got right in on a Saturday night, seated, served water and an excellent waitress. The menu is denoted with gluten free items, and one that CRISP needs to change is the Lone Star Beer Chicken, I asked her and she said it’s not it’s cooked with beer (gluten) yet the menu denotes it’s gluten free. I need to email them and ask them why or if they remove it some how which I highly doubt. This could cause some pain for a person!


Otherwise got a bottle of wine which was tasty and reasonably priced and some Truffle Parm Fries for an appetizer which were so damn tasty I want them now. Got the buffalo meat entree which was some of the most melt in your mouth noms I’ve had in such a long time. It was perfectly cooked and had an excellent flavor that went well with the Polenta (which I only had few bites of) but none the less was awesome.If your in Houston and grubbing Gluten-Free go check out CRISP!


Houston Marriot Medical Center Gluten Free

2015-09-14 14.14.22 (Medium)

I’ve stayed here at the Marriot Medical Center for about a week and it’s pretty legit for $127 a night, be sure to ask for a high floor, they have access to the concierge room 23,24, and 25. If you do get a free upgrade you get free breakfast (sometimes). They charged me for breakfast one morning, the hotel is also full of advertisements of what’s coming, what to expect, what the rooms will look like next year, etc, etc and it’s quite annoying because I’m staying here now not next year. Also at 6AM they begin hammering, nailing, loud construction noises and kept me up all morning. However if your in the area and need to stay near downtown Houston check this hotel out, it’s convenient. They also have gluten-free bread! Gluten-Free Approved.

2015-09-27 22.59.24 (Medium)
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