Line & Lariot Restaurant (Houston)

Gluten-Free Bread (Udis)

Decent burger
Came on Mothers day for dinner (huge mistake) seemed like 1 waiter for the entire restaurant. Forgot dressing for salad, forgot extra fork, took like 10 minutes to get water refilled, tea refilled, alcoholic drinks super slooooow service.

When I went to bathroom after 40 minutes of waiting for our food and only 3 tables in the entire restaurant I saw our entire tray of food sitting on a table and asked the bartender can I take this, this is our order.  She goes no she has to take it. The food was cold when it came out and he forgot one of our “mothers” dishes on MOTHERS DAY?!!?

Would never come to this joint again, this restaurant was super slow and the food was crap for the price.

I would fire this restaurant manager ASAP. Horribly ran hotel restaurant. If your staying in this hotel DO NOT EAT HERE, unless you are OKAY with turtle service and the slowest waiters in the game.

Excellent atmosphere however.

Honeymoon Bar & Brunch (Houston)

No Gluten-Free Bread
Excellent coffee, drinks, morning style and flair.
Walk in, wait in the ADD line until you are seated and then wait for service. They have a small menu for breakfast/lunch but it sure is delicious. The bartenders are excellent, I had the Ruben two days in a row except the fact they were out of sauerkraut and didn’t bother to tell me. So it was more of a meat sandwich with no bread and cheese, but the house fritas and sauces on the side were excellent. Overall the food was excellent even without bread, came back the second day!

Literally no parking unless your staying downtown somewhere but this restaurant is open till 2AM and opens at 7AM so I have no idea when they clean it they are always busy! Great spot for upscale hipsters with bow-tie and suits when it’s 100 degrees outside so come on down and grab some brunch and espresso!

Hotel Icon & the Oaks (Houston)

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So this kept popping up as the top rated gluten-free restaurant in the area. Was near my hotel (Hotel Icon).

The food itself is excellent, and tasty and has a great people watching environment. However our waitress had no idea what gluten-free meant and had to ask the chef, she was also the slowest creature to roam this Earth. Forgot sides, didn’t really speak English and was an overall unpleasant experience not knowing if something was gluten-free or not.

They do cater to people with dietary restrictions, but I guess gluten-free is not one of them since they had no idea how to properly handle it or recommend dishes that are gluten free on the menu. The only bonus is they have gluten-free udis toast bread and that’s about it. Everything else your at your own risk because explaining to read the bag to them was not an option.

Eh… had high hopes for this spot but was quite the opposite. Gluten-Free diners look elsewhere. The gluten-free Reuben I finally did get minus the fries since they are not “gluten-free” for some reason was actually pretty darn good.
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Ruggles Green & Organic Energy

Gluten Free Bread Available,

I’ve eaten at the one in Rice Village area many times and there is so good, great management, etc.

2015-04-20 14.03.15 (Medium)This location was busy intersection in Sugarland… literally no parking, unless you walk about 100-200ft which isn’t to bad to get a little walk on. Parking Garage near by and many different shops. Located in what they call the “Square”.

This location has a cool interior, reminds me of the other one I’ve been to but friendly service, clean interior and clean restrooms. Only reason for not 5 star is the food was not as good as the one one, not sure… The Pork Panini I ordered with no cilantro came with cilantro and they forgot a dessert and had to go remind them and get it to go. Other than that I love Ruggles Green and will continue to support them forever.

Go Gluten-Free!

Organic Energy juice found at local market, was pretty good! Organic as well!
(Sprouts, Corpus Christi, Texas)

2015-04-23 18.55.02 (Medium)

Smashburger First Time (Houston)

Better than I thought it would be.

Houston, Texas

<3 You Whole Foods (Houston)

Love you Whole Foods.

Peanut butter machine whaaaaaaaat!?! Like you could literally pour your own peanut butter, honey butter, nutella, how cool is that.  Those Suji juices are so good and it’s like drinking a beer soon as you sip it you can feel it hit your blood stream, those fresh vitamins, BAM.

Trader Joes First Time

Trader Hoes in Houston

This place sucks. No real organic or gluten free options. Boring North Korea feeling joint, I would not go back because it is small, and all the food was processed GMO junk.

Jerrybuilt Burgers (Houston)

Udi’s Gluten-Free Buns!

Awesome interior, cool feel, part organic hormone free anti-biotic tasty beef burgers.

Though the chili-cheese fries were excellent and the burgers were good, the only downside was the buns were cold and something had wheat in it because it jacked me up.
Great food and burgers, must get the chili cheese fries.

The manager has let me know about their menu items and I appreciate it greatly, I can not wait to come back to Jerry Built for another burger and really craving it already. Since the chili-cheese fries are not gluten free I will be trying to regular fries or sweet potato ones! Try a craft beer while your there as well, and their sweet tea is tasty!


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