UNderbelly 2 (MontrosE)

Underbelly Houston
This time around sucked

Pork roast and squash salad

ChillinScore: 2

Benjys, Houston, Tx

ChillinScore: 2

I know its localfoods photo but its right next door thought it looked cool, tried there first but no gluten free bread! Bullshit!

Lucilles (Houston)

Lucilles, Houston, Texas

ChillinScore: 4

Cafe Rebelais (Houston)

Duck with romanesca and mash so darn good

Cafe Rebelais, Houston, Tx

ChillinScore: 4

Del Friscos (Houston)

Del Friscos, Houston, Tx

Worst steakhouse ive tried bleh

ChillinScore: 0

Triniti (Houston)

Triniti, Houston, Tx.

Full Summer Course Tasting Menu (Gluten-Free)

ChillinScore: 4

Presentation was awesome, food looked awesome, but some taste was lacking. Wanting to try Winter Menu.

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