Ciao Baci in Little Rock, Arkansas

Cool hidden gem in Hillcrest area of Little Rock, it’s an old house across from the Krogers there and has cool lit candles on the way up like your in someones backyard.

Ciao, an adventurous hybrid of a restaurant. American/Mexican/French?

They have have multiple gluten-free options, great service, and somewhat friendly bartenders. We also got a bucket mixed drink for 2 which was like malibu/sprite seemed like but was tasty and got us a good buzz none the less. Had a filet strip with mash potatoes and greens and did the job, I’d check out other places in the area before coming back but a solid choice none the less.

Ciao Baci
605 Beechwood St
Little Rock, AR 72205

Downtown LR Grub Sesh + Antique Finds

Had a gift certificate from our realtor for $100 to a place called Bruno’s Little Italy in downtown Little Rock so finally made our way downtown to try it out, however when we tried to go in they were still closed at 4:50 and didn’t open till 5, so instead of being a good business and wouldn’t even let us sit on the bench we said fuck this place let’s go next door to this place called Samantha’s Tap Room which was pretty cool.

However the Dinner entree’s didn’t look that appetizing so after a few drinks + apps we headed back to use our gift cert at Brunos. Also we hit up an antique mall before all this and find some good stuff.


Cider + Greyhoud. Tasty Artichoke (marinated in soy, BS) Some shroomies. Not bad, but not over the top good for downtown Little Rock.


Bacon wrapped filet tendons, these were best part of the meal. –>Read More


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Ya Ya’s Euro Bistro Gluten Free


Tasty Drinks

Gluten Free Review of Ya Ya’s
+gluten free pasta
+gluten free pizza crust

Ya Ya’s was an epic spot I found on YELP by doing a gluten free search, this place is located in the Promenade shopping center off Chenal and is an awesome spot to dine. It’s a huge dining room with a separate bar located at the top which has excellent drinks, and cocktails. Check out a few photos below of my grub sesh at Ya Ya’s!

Dining at Ya Ya's

YAYA Inside, Soup, Hummus, Legit Burger

Instead of bread he brought me out carrots/celery with the hummus that was like a pre appetizer which was awesome and unexpected. I ordered the Pasta Carbonara with gluten free pasta which was one of the best pasta’s I’ve ever had in a long time, perfect creamy texture alongside huge chunks of bacon. My lady love her roast beef sandwich and I tried a small piece of beef and it was marinated, tasty, and delicious.

Ya Ya's

Gluten Free Pasta Carbonara, so damn good and tasty.

I’ll be back here soon. Awesome place, check them out online:

Journey to Hershey, PA, the Sweetest place on Earth

After our journey to Rochester, MN we caught a flight to Harrisburg, PA which is a 15 minute drive from Hershey, PA. Our connection was in Chicago, IL and we missed our connection due to de-icing of our plane, had to wait for over 4 hours in the airport for the next flight out to Harrisburg, once there we rented a car and drove to Hershey, PA. BAM

Chicago, IL Flight

5AM flight to Harrisburg, PA Shit Sucked Balls


Landed in Chicago, now grounded for another hour for de-icing

Layover Lunch at Tuscany Cafe (Chicago Airport)

Tuscany Cafe

Our grub sesh at the O’Hare Tuscany Cafe

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Johnny Carinos

Carinos, Baytown, Texas then the apolcaplyse happened.

Bellinos Corpus

Bellinos, Corpus Christi, Texas

Excellent Gluten-Free Pasta

One of the top 3 restaurants in Corpus Christi, TX

ChillinScore: 5

Antonios (baytown)

Antonios, Baytown, TX



Carinos 1 (college Station)

Johnny Carinos, College Station, TX

Gluten-Free Menu Awesome.