Chicago Day 2: Do-Rite Donuts and Museum of Science+Industry

Day two of Chicago was just as dope as day 1, we decided to venture out of our hotel and find some place to grab breakfast. I found on Yelp a super awesome spot called “Do-Rite Donuts” that had gluten free donuts. We walked 0.4 miles and was the smallest NYC looking type of place but sure enough had the most amazing assortment of donuts I’ve ever seen. Also the gluten free ones were yes the best gluten-free donuts I’ve ever had. If not the best gluten free of anything I’ve ever had.

even my favorite organic chocolate milk!

Then we were off to the Museum of Science+Industry which happens to be an old World’s Fair site from 1893 that is still standing and a monument to behold. Didn’t even realize it until I left.

Built in 1893 for the Chicago Worlds Fair, so cool

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Day 2 NYC: Night visit to Metropolitan Museum of Art

Now I wish I had a lot more hours in the day to visit this place since we came at night and the next day they said a horrible storm was coming in and everything would be shutdown so it was this night or never. We took an Uber on over from Macy’s and decided to track it up! This place was huge, expansive, and way bigger than I remember… we had to rush through everything in under 2 hours time but I want to go back to read everything and study all the history here. All the old ancient artifacts, mummies, rooms, ahh it was epic. Ready to see some art?


Walking up the MET, oooh yea art history about to go down

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Day 1 NYC Part 2: Visit to the American Museum of Natural History

DSC_0307 (Large)

“the Plaza Hotel”

This is a 3 part blog post, this is the second part visiting the history museum, the next post will be my visit to my first Michelin starred restaurant “Aureole”. So check it out! But first, let’s go see some history, I’ve been here when I was a kid and don’t remember much but was super stoked to come check it again especially after watching the movies Night of the Museum with Ben Stiller. After leaving the Central Park Zoo we opted to walk towards the Plaza Hotel (Home Alone Hotel) and ended up catching an uber back up to the History museum, so few photos in between there.

DSC_0304 (Large)

Cool statue along the way, walking towards Tiffanys

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