Day 1 in New York City: Trip to the Central Park Zoo and Hagi


This was for sale in our hotel lobby $599

Instead of just posting a bunch of photos in one post I’ll create a bunch of separate posts for each adventure I come upon so it’s easier to search and manage through Google. The Central Park Zoo was fkin cold, and I had to create my own gloves. I can’t believe they don’t sell adult gloves/hats only children’s which is bullshit, I hate to buy socks and cut holes with my knife. The first night after we landed we got our uber and stayed at the Sheraton hotel and searched restaurants that Anthony Bourdain has went too and found one that was called Hagi 46 Sake Bar so we ended up hitting it up!


Sake Bar Hagi: Anthony Bourdain Inspired

Wanted to find a place on our first night in NYC and decided to check out spots that one of my favorite travel shows “Anthony Bourdain” has visited and he has came here and decided this would be the place, especially since they were open till like midnight. Being from Texas the entire foodie feel of this place was epic, walking down the stairs to the abyss of culinary genius of master sushi chefs and sake everywhere was an awesome first impression.

2016-01-21 01.55.00 (Large)

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New York Worlds Fair 1964 with Walt Disney

So the 1964 World’s Fair is the only one that had Walt Disney attractions when Walt was alive. I’ve been looking through vintage photos and videos of the fair and it’ pretty awesome. You understand where Walt got a lot of his ideas for Disneyland/World and how they have progressed today. There’s currently a world fair going on to this day called “Expo 2015” but it’s nothing like the 1964 fair which was hailed as the greatest worlds fair ever. Check out this YouTube video of the fair

Also check out this cool link for Now & Then photos from the fair.