Big Front Seats on Spirit Airlines and a trip to Tampa Florida


Trip is booked, who’s ready to go?

Got a good price on a trip to Tampa,

Florida so said why not let’s go see what Tampa has to offer, and hey last time I was on a layover there the airport had gluten-free beer so it left a good impression. This adventure we ended up flying out of Houston so stopped by Houston’s first certified green restaurant “Ruggles Green” – one of my favorites, and then a quick stay at Springhill Suites.


The next day we flew out flying Spirit Airlines which I read was the worst plane company ever, but turned out to be the best plane I’ve ever flew especiall when you sit in the big front seats… first class upgrade for $15 I think so. Then join me on a day trip to Busch Gardens! Keep on reading…

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Morning from Hollywood Studios and Star Wars Launch Bay

Before our flight left at 7PM we decided to check out Hollywood Studios, none the less it was the day of the Star Wars release movie, so we got a super sweet free pin! Also saw Mr. Golds Pawn Shop from Once Upon a Time. Was a good morning, especially when you drink on some scrooge juice. Didn’t take my big camera this day due to the rain which shortly stopped after we arrived of course, so just have a few shots. Check em out!


First stop is taking photos of Pizza Planet from Toy Story!

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Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow (EPCOT)

Let’ go to EPCOT! After a few days now in Florida the feet start to hurt and me wanting to go to my favorite theme park in the world EPCOT is now here, I’m pumped as fuck for this adventure and I absolutely love traveling the world all in an afternoon. Let’s get to the DOME!


Looks like it’s going to be a busy day.

Onwards to this journey of Epcot, “The Land”, Germany, China, Japan, who knows?!

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Crystal Palace and a Magical Kingdom Day

Who doesn’t love the Crystal Palace? I mean.. meeting Poo, Tigger? and grubbing down on of the best buffet in the world at the Magic Kingdom, check out my photos of this magical day. Some adventures surely entailed this day and I was stoked to hit up the new Fantasyland since I haven’t been before.


First let’s enter the Magic Kingdom through these magical gates.


that famous walk way after you park!


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Breakfast at Boma and a Swanderful Wedding

Had a family member get married at Disney World and it was at the Swan & Dolphin hotel so we spent a day exploring the hotel scene and then we had a dinner reception at Todd English Blue Zoo so check out this post for some sweet photos of Disney Hotels. But first let’s drive on property and have a feast at Boma.. which they totally hook me up with gluten free mickey mouse waffles which is legit.


Welcome home!


Gluten-Free Waffles, Gluten-Free Donuts, and Jungle Juice

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Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, with some Diagon Alley

So lets take a trip to Orlando and hit up Disney World, Universal Studios, a wedding at the Dolphin, and various other fun places. I’ll be updating this post with my adventures to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, so check back for this update because I took some badass photos and who doesn’t love Harry Potter or Hermione for that matter. So prepare for a lot of photos! First let’s see some epic shots of flying and how we pre-game that Disney trip.


Southwest via Clouds via Vodka via Orlando Airport

The Grand Caribe Resort

Since we were rolling with a family of 15 this time around it was a lot more feasble to stay off property and the grand caribe had all the offerings of two bedroom family suites to fit our needs. The hotel itself is large, awesome, and had great amenties and awesome suites that fulfilled our needs. All within a mile from Disney property it worked out perfectly even though we were not in our room ever unless to sleep!


Walking into the lobby it smelt like Christmas!

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Chillins favorite EPCOT ride “the Land”

  So what makes Disney World so epic is a ride like the Land, which is located inside EPCOT park of Walt Disney World. This ride is an organic journey through scientific research of plants, life, farming, and the future of tomorrow's generation to preserve life. Even the restaurant located in the land pavilion has all of it's vegetables and salads grown in the Land garden which is a tasty in it's own. Being a foodie it's always my favorite place to go and my all time favorite Disney World ride.


It's a little hot and muggy on the ride since it's in a green house but that does not effect the ride quality, if not it adds to it! Check out my photos of 2012/2014 of going through the Land ride since nothing really changes on this ride expect techniques used in the field to grow and sustain crops. My favorite part is the hydroponics and nutrient film technique growing methods. Also don't forget to grab a vanilla plant and have them send it to your hotel! Click read more to see the full Land adventure! Don't worry it's organic.

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Chillin goes to Epcot Mexico!

image_wdwlogo1971_1 One of the places we always hit at the end of the day during a trip to Epcot is Mexico! If all else reservations fail and we are not hungry during the journey we always know Mexico will be waiting for us. Now the food there is rather sub par being from Texas but the scenery, themed restaurant and tequila bar on the inside is an epic sight. Check out my journey below for a few photos of what to find inside! I did this back in October 2014 during the Epcot Food & Wine Festival.


Click read more for the full journey and the Grand Fiesta Tour!

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