King St, Proof, the Macintosh and visiting a Harris Teeter

Day 2 in Charleston, South Carolina

So on my second day in Charleston after day 1 flying in and going to sleep I then bookmarked all the gluten-free restaurants/places I could find to set out on an adventure. First I needed to grab some clothes and shoes and ended up at Tanger Outlets for a wardrobe then found a Sperry store on “King St.”. I had no idea at the time King St. was the happening part of Charleston, located in historic downtown near Charleston College, this place has bars, restaurants, shops, Gucci, and everything you could imagine. If you were to teleport into Hogwarts and go shopping, some of shops here would remind you of that, real old school magical feel. 41bVJ2ocTML._SY395_

Once I got some new legit Sperry gold toe shoes I wanted to find a good bar, so read on below and hit read more to see my reviews and photos of my first day adventure in Charleston. It was raining bad yesterday so I didn’t get much shots of the outside, historic part.

proof4 (Medium)

Near where I parked on King St.

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Random Pavilion EPCOT

Totally forgot where I ate this but from the photo dates it seems to be Epcot somewhere. I remember it being juicy and good.