Oceans and Juicy Seafood

Quick update post of two meals I had, one was from Oceans at Arthurs a delicious spot and the other while a friend was in town called Juicy Seafood. A decent chinese owned crawfish boil type place.

Capers Restaurant Review, Little Rock, AR

So this will be my second time dining at Capers. The first time you can check Yelp to see my first review which was a raw fish experience, but was easily fixed by the waitress and replaced with a new dish.

Capers Menu, each one was stained.

It’s been almost 2 years since then and had to give it another go. We went again and this time the place almost seemed a tad run down. The menus were all nasty, the chairs all had nics and dents, the table was wobbly, and there was more staff walking around than I could count with maybe 15 people in the entire restaurant. Overall the first impressions again were (it would take me one afternoon to solve all these issues).

Artichoke appetizers were amazing, they were also gluten free I was told. The house salad was also delicious. The beef medallions were tasty and the twiced baked potato was epically delicious. I’d go back solely alone on the food quality. However, the general restaurant just needs some good old TLC.

Capers, Little Rock Gluten Free Seafood


Crab Cakes (not gluten free)

Drove past this place a few times and decided to give it a shot yesterday, was greeted by a very nice lady who knew literally everyone in the restaurant, this is def a older locals crowd type spot with an impressive wine list.

They also have a gluten free menu which has nice options on it and a variety of fish choices to chose from.  We both got different glasses of wine and were excellent choices and she even let us taste a sample of the house cab (no thanks) but had a better option to chose from.


Excellent Shrimp Cocktail, seasoned, and tasty!

We got the Shrimp Cocktail appetizer which was seasoned and I’m from the coast, I’ve never seen Shrimp seasoned on a cocktail before but I have to say why don’t they do this down south? It was excellent and tasty!

My mouth chose the Salmon with rice and spinach, and the only spot for not 5 stars was it was entirely fishy/frozen and smelt horrible and had to send it back, I hate sending stuff back but paying $23 for rancid fish is not my idea of spending money. However our waitress was totally understanding and put me in the Grouper with rice and veg which came out quickly and was some of the best grouper I’ve had in a long time, nice white, flakey and tasted a lot more fresh than the Salmon.


Fish Selections at Capers

Quite a pricey joint but the ambience, service, and wine selection are definitely worth giving this place a go, especially a romantic date night.


Gluten Free Review of Bonefish Grill in Little Rock

Bonefish is one of my favorite gluten free spots in Little Rock, especially for a romantic chill night out wanting good service and good food. Been here about 4 times now and every time has been awesome and excellent (there was one time I came on like Fire Shrimp day or something and it was slammed, and I don’t know my lady didn’t think the shrimp was worth it to come for only half price.)

Bonefish Grill

Headed to Bonefish Grill


Gluten Free Omission Lager

However, Gluten free omission lager beer, gluten free menu, gluten free chocolate cake with ice cream you can’t go wrong. Just ask for a gf menu at the front and let your mouth water, I also pick my fish, sides, etc and the Sea Bass with the Sweet Potato Mash, and a side of Jasmine rice with butter all over is like epic epic epicness.


Firecracker Shrimp (not gluten free)

It’s moderately pricey, but worth it, especially when they accommodate allergy patrons such as myself. If you don’t want to sit on the classy side, pull up on the bar side which I always enjoy, TVs, faster service, and easier access to drinks. Be sure to check this place out if your in Little Rock, I know Bonefish Grill is a chain but this chain is on point.


Seabass, Sweet Potato Hash, and Jasmine Rice (all gluten free) nom.


Saltwater Grill & Republic of Tx Visit

Combining two food posts in one entry, this was our quick trip back to Corpus before heading back up to Little Rock, we grubbed at Saltwater Grill (probably the best Seafood) restaurant in Corpus, and then the next night hit up Republic of Texas again because they have been on a good streak and pumping out excellent food.

First up, Saltwater Grill…


Saltwater Grill, this is how shrimp should be served, fully cleaned and gutted.

Republic of Texas Grub Sesh, come on a Saturday at 9pm for fireworks as well as dinner!


Fresh shrimp, chicken, sea bass, potato cakes, oh my! So good. (all gluten free)

Quick foodie post, anyways on to the next entry, moving to Little Rock.

Aquarium, Liberty Square, and 167 Raw

Day 7 in Charleston, South Carolina

We start off by going to the Aquarium since every city I visit I must visit a zoo or an aquarium to check on the animals and tell them whats up, they all wait for me too and give me a great photo opportunity.

Let’s go to the Charleston Aquarium!

DSC_0179 (Large)

You walk into Liberty Square which has Ft. Sumter Boat & Aquarium

DSC_0184 (Large)

Beautiful Architecture of the Entrance

Hit read more to see my Day 7 in Charleston (Lots of Pictures)

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Maddens College Station

Maddens, College Station, TX


Boneheads <3

Boneheads, College Station, TX

Eh, the half chicken is the best but always out.

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