Gluten Free Pizza in Corpus Christi and some Tea

So I wanted to go hit up a few new places in downtown Corpus Christi that I haven’t been to in awhile and one used to be called Fandango Tea room that was an epic spot to grab food, now it’s opened up as something else and I read they have gluten-free options. So I decided to go on a journey to a few new places in Corpus.

First Stop: Lotus Dream Teas


Lots of tea! Cool place, they make there own blends and have variety of bath soaps, etc

Smelt like chili powder going in and realizing they were making their own blend, this Harry Potter feel potions class shop is an epic amazement to ones eye and senses. I’d love to move in here or work here, it’s a pretty cool small quaint place.

The rack all of the teas and the excellent service by the owner was fantastic, I scooped up some black tea as well as some Gun powder green tea which I can’t wait to brew up. Go check this spot out near the old Ying Yang spot downtown. Hit Read More…

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