Best Filet Mignon Ever, Republic of Texas

The Best Filet Mignon Chillin has ever consumed.



So it’s been a year or so since I’ve been here¬† but it’s still one of the best filet mignons I’ve ever had. I’ve ate filets around the damn globe now and there is something about this Texas restaurant that produces the best fucking filets. I have no idea what it is and I would love to say Corpus Christi doesn’t know what there doing but I am constantly being remided anytime I have a steak elsewhere. If your in the area, trust me… it’s worth it. Also they still have a drink called the Almond Joy that is the best tasting thing ever.



Had to go with some toasty hash browns!!


Hurricane Harvey

Driving back to Arkansas after a trip down South to help the family out after Hurricane Harvey hit was an eye opener! Corpus Christi was suppose to be a direct hit but it turned at the last minute and whacked Rockport/Refurio and went up to Houston. I captured some photos on my phone on the way through Refurio, looked like an apocalyptic event.


Starting to see some damage. Telephone polls down.

This was a famous Sandwich shop, now completely torn down.

This casino type place got some damage.

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the toasted yolk in houston, tx

Tasty Gluten Free Review
+no gluten free bread
+Omelets however are excellent!
+famous hash is gluten free

Had some business in Houston and was heading up to the Woodlands to hit up an antique mall and used Yelp to find the best brunch spot around, was pointed to the Toasted Yolk. This modern day eatery features a full bar, ample seating, huge parking lot, and great staff.


Toasted Yolk in Houston, TX, tasty but no gluten free menu/bread

The food quality was excellent at the yolk, the blueberry iced tea was epic tasting, and the Omelet I had was huge and super filling, the famous hash they have is also gluten free.
If your in the area, check out The Toasted Yolk, awesome spot.

Best Tasting Menu In America? Artisans Houston, TX

Artisans Entrance — Houston, Texas

Gluten Free Review
+gluten free tasting menu
+gluten free accommodations
+no gluten free bread however

So I’ve done around 11 tasting menus all over the country now and most of them are all about being trendy and hip, and trying to use foam and all this crap to get you to enjoy their food. While that’s an awesome experience it’s always leaving quality lacking.


Enter Artisans, a modern downtown Houston restaurant that is by far one of the best restaurants I’ve been to in awhile. The tasting menu is not only eye candy, it’s actually good food and great quality. Not to mention you get to sit at basically the “prep” area chefs table which is quite enjoyable.


Started off with some decent libations and that lobster bisque tho, also beats + feta.

chefs table

Not much “Chefs Table”

The Chef’s table isn’t actually a chefs table since no one is actually cooking anything out there, mostly final touches to dishes at least on the Tuesday night we went. The service was excellent, the price was reasonable, and the food quality was amazing and for them to accommodate gluten free status was beyond there duty and explained each dish perfectly. I’ll post pictures of my dishes instead of explaining each dish.

The only downside? Artisans cocktails were lacking, even though your suppose to enjoy wine pairing, I’d figure a place of this caliber would have a lot more choices of custom craft cocktails to be enjoyed, however it doesn’t change the quality of restaurant Artisans is. If your looking for an enjoyable foodie night out with great food, this is the place.


My dessert was gluten free (top) and brother had a cool candy crack rock (bottom).

If your in Texas, or Houston please check out Artisans, that was amazing.

Delicious Temptations Breakfast + Trip to Galveston TX

Couple update posts on my last week of October where we had breakfast at a great spot called Delicious Temptations in Little Rock, a dated eatery but one of the kind of places you expect to find in a small town. Also it was delicious and service was excellent, also packed because the old people sip coffee for 3 hours while people wait! If your in the area check them out I also traveled to Galveston, TX to see my friend get married which was pretty cool and fun.

Tasty omelette full of delicious breakfast flavor.

With bacons + sausage, syrup oh my!–>Read More


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Quick stay at Springhill Suites Marriott in Sugarland, Texas


Next trip down to Texas wanted to buy a new truck, so stayed at this brand new hotel for the night. Don’t you love the fresh smell of brand new hotel.

Stayed here twice when getting a new ride and also before I headed out of town, both times were amazing. This place is brand spankin new, fresh as can be, fresh smells, clean hallways, smooth locks, smooth toilet flush you name it.

Soon as you walk in your greeted with a smile, they even hooked me up with a couple bottles of water. It’s a safe good area as well, if your concerned you can ask for the first floor parking lot and you can literally park your car right in front of your hotel room. The rooms are spacious with large closets, showers, and a desk. WIFI was IFFY at the time but most of the time was excellent, for $100 a night this is better than a 5 star hotel.

Website for Sugarland Hotel:

Moving to Little Rock, Arkansas Short Video

So moving part time up to Little Rock, AR and decided to make a quick video of the journey up, nothing special few shots of the sun coming up! Was to busy drinking redbull + red line to try and do some cinema work. Moving is always fun, no? Anyways since didn’t capture a lot during the drive here is a quick 30 second sum up! For personal reference basically.




Quick time lapse at the ranch

Had a grad party at the ranch but not showing you random folk personal shit, so you can sit tight and check out my new timelapse video since I’m working on mastering timelapses, dopelapse what I should call them. Don’t judge me bro.

Grub Sesh at Republic of Texas in Corpus

Since I was in town for the week, we decided to go hit up the Republic again. This time I made a video post which I might start doing on some smaller items so let me know what you think.

This time around Republic was 5 star all the way, and it was all thanks to an excellent waiter and excellent chef. The food was awesome, the service was excellent, the sides were perfect and he made sure to double check everything was (gluten-free) for me. So check it out below!

This time tried a new dish called the Filet Chateaubriand which is cooked at your table and you hear that sizzle pop overlooking the Corpus Christi bay. Don’t forgot the farm fresh vegetables cooked with some amazing tasting potatoes. Most farmy organic experience I’ve had in Corpus yet, down on the farm son.

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