Day 2: Trip to Battery Park and saying hi to Ms. Liberty

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Going to have a few separate Day 2 posts, to much for one post.

So we wanted to check out the Statue of Liberty without actually going to the statue so we ended up hitting battery park, and after a 20 minute taxi ride finally found it. Not to mention the 100 homeless people asking us if were going to the statue as if they could offer us some fucking bullshit discount, mayor needs to clean that shit up, fuck wrong with you NYC tourists don’t want to be harassed by homeless fucks by just going to the park to check stuff out.

New York City

Got in our Taxi to head to Battery Park

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Let’s explore Cleveland, the Zoo, Rock and Roll, and more

Stop 4: Cleveland, Ohio

Next journey has arrived us in Cleveland Ohio with a visit to the Zoo, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Intercontinental Hotel, and a trip to the best Toy store I’ve ever seen.


Touchdown in Cleveland

Cleveland, Ohio has a lot to offer for a week visit and there are lots of things to do and explore. Especially the vegan/gluten free scene. I’ll be updating this week with my latest journey’s to Dallas, Disney World, and then next week I’m flying out to California! So check out this post about all my adventures and findings in Cleveland, Ohio which was cold but a real shitty town. Lot’s of Ghetto-Ness.

First night we got to our pretty cool hotel the Intercontinental which was a huge 2 bedroom hotel with a super comfortable bed and then we Yelp’d a local restaurant real close that had a gluten-free menu. “Table 45” which is at another Intercontinental hotel, so we took a free shuttle on over to see what Cleveland food had to offer. But first check out my bed and see where I got some hard sleep and amazing ZzZzz.



Intercontinental Hotel Suites Bed, ZzzZZzzZ

Okay WAKE UP, let’s go have dinner at Table 45, but first hit Read More.

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