Las Vegas 2018: Hell’s Kitchen, E-Sports Arena, United First Gluten Free

Heres a photo video slideshow of my latest trip to Las Vegas. Checked out the new Luxor E-Sports Arena, had a full lunch at Gordon Ramsay’s newest spot Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace. Also flew United First class and experienced a gluten free dinner meal. Also tried a new spot at Paris “The Eiffel Restaurant”, was so good. Paris Casino is in fact the best gluten free casino in Las Vegas period.

Vegas 3: Yardbird, Level Up, STACK at Mirage, Last Day


not even good, how do you fuck up deviled eggs

Really wanted to try this place the last few times I’ve been in Vegas. While I note 3 stars for having gluten free fried chicken, the chicken itself was horrible. Dry, way to spicy, and had no real crunch. I’ve made better gluten free chicken at home cheaper than $30.

The service was great at first then quickly lead to a downhill battle of when would he get the check, etc back and forth. This is another typical “dress up the inside real nice” and attract the tourists spot, at least in my opinion or experience when I went.


They also take 30+ extra minutes for the gluten free chicken which was the reason I went. However next time I’ll find a better spot. A+ for effort though, I appreciate any restaurant giving gluten free patrons a substitute.

“gluten free fried chicken+ burn your asshole spicy”

Defcon, Level Up, More Below:

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Vegas 2: Peppermill, Exploring, Marvels Avengers, Lemongrass

So part 2 of our Las Vegas journey starts with the end cap of night 3 which was going to the Peppermill at 2 in the morning. Now who does this? Well when you TripAdvisor or YELP anything food 24 hour in Vegas the Peppermill is #1.

It’s historic and legendary amongst Vegas locals. The exterior was a sight to be hold and the inside was even better. Be sure to check it out next time your in Las Vegas, it’s off the strip but worth it.

The Iconic Peppermill, since 1972.

Trees, booths, lights, sights and sounds of the Vegas nightlife crowd. After a long day of hanging out, walking, shows, the Peppermill was a comfort to say the least. The food was the best part, now you must get steak and eggs, DOH! It was simply the best.

2AM Steak & Eggs, yes please. NOM.

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Las Vegas First Class for Defcon, Blackhat, and Party.

So my friends & I decided to go hit up Defcon, and check out Blackhat this year in Las Vegas and also hang out since one moved across the country. This was a totally slow time in Vegas and perfect weather. A lot of new restaurants, bars, things to check out since the last time I was in Vegas so come chill along in this 2 part blog post of our adventures.


Some real shitty Airport “smart bar” with crappy food.

Anyways read more to check out the start of our adventures in Las Vegas and catch a first class flight. =)

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First time at Mon Ami Gabi and first time seeing Zarkana

2016-03-09 13.44.28-2 (Large)


Last couple day’s

we had in Vegas were spent hanging out, shopping, walking, checking out hotels and also hit up the Minus 5 Ice lounge once more, have to every time I come to Vegas. So we start the day having a wonderful brunch at Mon Ami Gabi which has gluten free bread, and a variety of other excellent brunch choices.


Beautiful inside that looks like France.

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Vegas Day 2: a Visit to Caesars Palace and Serendipity

Day 2 in Vegas was fulfilled with a trip to see the Blue Man Group, lunch at Serendipity and a walk through of Caesars Palace and we hit up the Caesars Mall which is epic and a great wonder of the world. So read more of this post to check out some Caesars photos, delicious breakfast at Serendipity and some random shots of random shit on my journey.


My view from the Encore I woke up too.

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Las Vegas Encore Hotel and a visit to the Strip

2016-03-06 14.41.34 (Large)


So I recently went to Vegas for a week for the Nightclub & Bar Show and to experience some new foodie places and to check out the local nightlife scene. I’ll be posting a few blog entries to my adventure here since it would be to much for one post.


Day 1 we flew in, took a limo ride to our hotel the Encore and then checked out the room which is baller as fuck. We then decided to go eat at Wazuzu which use to be one of my favorite gluten-free restaurants in Las Vegas, and then their menu changed to offer corn based gluten free fried dishes which pure GMO crap I don’t like.

So check out this entry with a quick visit to our hotel room and hanging out downtown.


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