Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C. and a quick bite

Free wifi, great bartender, good food, and spots to sit and put your feet up.

A lot of people say this terminal sucks, but it’s not bad. It’s small and not like the other side I hear of this airport which is HUGE but the check-in lines are fast and the AC is pumping cold air which I love.

You walk down a corridor after checking your bags and boom you have some snack spots, a juice bar, an alcohol bar, and a cologne and perfume. I’m allergic to gluten so I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to find anything to eat but I ordered a sandwich with no bread and it was PILED on, see pics, it was so good with some homemade sauce they make. A crown and coke sandwich, pickles, chips so legit.

Also when waiting for your flight they have chairs that you can sit on and put your feet up and watch planes take off which I’ve never seen in an airport and to me was awesome. Again- FREE WIFI.


Reagan National Airport, Washington, DC

Great bar food, excellent service, and awesome special sauce.

ChillinScore: 4

Gluten Free District of Pi Pizza Washington DC

Life of Pi Pizza, Washington, DC

Best pizza joint ever, great service, good food, and Gluten-Free friendly and gluten-free food

ChillinScore: 3

MT. Vernon Cafe (MT Vernon,VA)

Mount Vernon Cafe, Mount Vernon, Virginia

Great food, awesome history, grubbing at George Washingtons house is the best thing ever. Great Truffle Fries!

ChillinScore: 5

Blue Duck Tavern (Washington,DC)

Blue Duck Tavern, Washington, DC

One of the top 3 restaurants I’ve ever ate at. Delicious food, great service, great chefs, and where the President eats!

ChillinScore: 5

Gatsby’s Tavern (Washington,DC)

Gadsbys Tavern, Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

Awesome historical venue to grub at where old presidents dined.

Food isn’t worth a shit.

History is everything.

ChillinScore: 4

Wicked Waffle (Washington, DC)

Wicked Waffle, Washington DC

ChillinScore: 5

Gaylord Buffet (Washington,DC)

Gaylord Buffet, Washington DC

ChillinScore: 5