Delicious Temptations Breakfast + Trip to Galveston TX

Couple update posts on my last week of October where we had breakfast at a great spot called Delicious Temptations in Little Rock, a dated eatery but one of the kind of places you expect to find in a small town. Also it was delicious and service was excellent, also packed because the old people sip coffee for 3 hours while people wait! If your in the area check them out I also traveled to Galveston, TX to see my friend get married which was pretty cool and fun.

Tasty omelette full of delicious breakfast flavor.

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Breakfast at Boma and a Swanderful Wedding

Had a family member get married at Disney World and it was at the Swan & Dolphin hotel so we spent a day exploring the hotel scene and then we had a dinner reception at Todd English Blue Zoo so check out this post for some sweet photos of Disney Hotels. But first let’s drive on property and have a feast at Boma.. which they totally hook me up with gluten free mickey mouse waffles which is legit.


Welcome home!


Gluten-Free Waffles, Gluten-Free Donuts, and Jungle Juice

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