Lucky Pho so NOM (the Woodlands)

Walked in like a pho pimp, almost walked out since no one helped us for a few minutes. However, the service was slow if you know what I mean, but the food was delicious! I’m not counting off for our waiter forgetting my steamed rice because I was already full when I remembered I ordered it. The restaurant had one other table on a Saturday evening at 5PM, that’s why we almost walked out as well.
2015-08-08 17.04.49
However, we ordered the ham spring rolls with peanut sauce which was some of the best I’ve ever had, not a wilt or brown spot on the lettuce and the shrimp was fresh as can be. I got a big bowl of Pho with extra brisket and it had that perfect smell, perfect oily texture and the brisket was tender and tasty and NOMNOM.

This was my all time top 3 PHO I’ve ever had, and I’ve been to over 50 different Pho style restaurants. I left so PHO, don’t mean to be braggin but PHO REAL.

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High waiter at Tommy Bahama (The Woodlands)

Checked out Tommy Bahama in the Woodlands, YELP Review below.

I had high hopes for Tommy Bahama since all the reviews are great and went solely on Yelper friends of ours. However being seated in the hot outside when there were plenty of seats inside sucked, then our waiter was totally high (trust me I know when someone is baked) and then ordering our drinks, getting our bread. Then him asking me if I wanted a cocktail, I have to repeat myself saying I already ordered one “Oh yea I’m sorry which one did you order”. It came out orange juice and rum for $12.50 really? Not even a pineapple slice on the rim or anything? What a sham. Got the only gluten free appetizer (tuna tartar) which was covered in Cilantro (nasty), but fresh tuna, tasted great and avoided cilantro at all costs. I had the baby back ribs which were decent, slightly spicy, nothing Texas Roadhouse style and it came with taters which were good but the cole slaw caked in cilantro ruined a side for me. They did have a decent gluten-free menu but nothing that made me go thank you TB, def wasn’t worth it for a gluten-free adventure.

Tuna Tar App Raw Salmon (on the inside) Decent ribs sushi salmon
However our sole reason on a crappy night was my lady’s raw Salmon that not even the manager offered to remove from our bill or get a fresh new one and trying to buy us off with a dessert coupon, as well as a crappy waiter, and a manager who didn’t know how to fix an easily fixable situation, no thanks Tommy.

Hyatt Weekend (the Woodlands)

Hit up the Woodlands for a mini vacation and stayed at the Hyatt, now props for being only $119, having free wifi, free parking, and clean rooms that were built within the year. The only thing that sucked is their menu is one of those “we cater to gluten-free” with allergic notations on the menu except the fact they had maybe 2 gluten free options and one of them being a salad. Otherwise Hyatt Hotels have moved up in the gluten-free game. It was also 24/7 service.

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Hubell Hudson

Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen

The Woodlands, Texas

Not bad food, but not “good” per say and cool concept just quality is eh.

Blackwalnut (the Woodlands)

Blackwalnut Cafe, The Woodlands, TX

I love the Blackwalnut Cafe! Gluten-Free Bread

ChillinScore: 5